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Houses of the Sibley Historic Site

Other Buildings on the Site

One of the other buildings on the site is an ice house, where the ice was packed underground using hay instead of sawdust. Originally the lowest level was ten feet deep. The upper story and a half were used as a commercial storeroom for the American Fur Company.

The one-story brick building at the rear of Sibley House was formerly the summer kitchen. It has been modernized into a comfortable four room cottage for the caretaker of the property. Near the summer kitchen is the old well.

The small stone building at the rear of the summer kitchen was used as a smoke house and place to store ashes for use in making soap. During the Indian wars this building was used as a powder house.

Excerpts from "The Sibley Historic Site" Published 1995 by Sibley House Association/ MNDAR

Fur Trade

Wares from the fur trade era displayed within the site's
mid-nineteenth-century cold store. 


Interior construction remains exposed inside Sibley and Faribault houses.

The insulation was obtained by weaving willow and packing in with mud, from the river bottoms, mixed with hay.

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